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New Cream for breast and decollete

Cream for Breast and Decollete


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The cream for improving breast shape and increasing its size with Pueraria extract, collagen and vitamin E. The cream is recommended for women over 35; however, it is better to start using it after 25. The presence of this awesome plant extract speaks for itself, Thai women (and not only Thai ones) have known about pueraria long since. Pueraria root contains phytohormones identical to women sexual hormones in their composition. They do not possess side effects of similar chemical pharmacy products; they are excreted from the body fast, are not accumulated and do not cause addiction. Natural (marine) collagen easily penetrates skin cells, retains moisture, renews and protects them. Antioxidant vitamin E does not need praises. All together they make an ideal trio – apply the cream on the bust area in circular movements without pressure daily after the shower. The cream is fully absorbed fast and does not leave stains or marks. Even after 7-8 days you will see the difference – bust skin is firmed, smooth and soft, the bust seems to fill with youth and strength! The cream for improving breast shape and skin state in the decollete area for women over 35 with Pueraria extracts, marine collagen and vitamin E.

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