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New Deo cristal Аloe vera

Deo Cristal Аloe Vera


  • Brand: Grase
  • Product Code: wdo0025016



Famous DEO crystals! Made in Thailand natural crystal deodorant contains exclusively natural salts extracted from natural  bauxites - ammonia alum called “san som” in Thailand, produced only in this region. This treatment does not contain oils, alcohols, chemical additives or preservatives. Absolutely safe deodorant will perfectly suit pregnant women, people with asthma symptoms and everyone intending to use natural cosmetics. Crystal deodorants are produced with different additives: crystal deodorant with turmeric and tamarind softly lights armpits skin, eliminates hyperpigmentation; deodorant with aloe vera softens skin; and deodorant with mangostin extract has additional antibacterial properties. Crystal deodorants are easy to use, the only peculiarity is that deodorant should be wet with water before use or applied to clean wet skin. Crystals create surface layer on the skin, making the environment unsuitable for bacteria generation. They eliminate bacteria causing the smell and thus prevent bode smell. Moreover, different from antiperspirants, crystal deodorant does not block pores, letting the skin breathe and do not block harmful toxins excretion from sweat glands. Your body continues to excrete toxins in natural way, but you will simply not have the corresponding smell.

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