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Noni Pulp Mask for Face Livadee


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This is ABSOLUTELY NATURAL COSMETOLOGICAL PRODUCT – the composition of this mask for face and decolette treatment. NONI fruit is famous all over the World for its miracle properties.

This mask is most suitable for the skin under 35 years. Noni juice is rich in vitamins and microelements that feed, tone and even complexion. If applied regularly, the mask feeds tones and strengthens the skin, ensuring natural nutrition and cells regeneration.

As Noni juice mask increases blood circulation and microcirculation, enrich the skin with vitamins and microelements, after regular mask application you can mention light peeling effect, the skin will look fresher and more even. Natural mask from Noni juice is suitable for any skin type and is an everyday caring tool for supporting skin health.

However, it is also recommended for problem skin car – after mask application skin irritations reduce, acne spots become lighter. Noni juice mask efficiently cleanses pores and eliminates blackheads. Very strong lighting effect for any pigmentation type and complexion smoothing.

Depth 70 ml
Weight 110 ml

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